About OWAY

About OWAY


Having set out on its journey in quality cosmetics back in 1948 in Bologna, Organic Way today has a presence in over 70 countries worldwide.

Based on the biodynamic, zero-mile, organic, and fair trade ingredients, we create agricosmetic treatments and rituals combining extraordinary performance with healthful formulations which have a high concentration of botanical ingredients. We have a profound belief in respect for the environment and for promoting waste reduction. Each and every formulation, packaging, material, individual article or tool is designed to have a minimal environmental impact and to be long-lasting or reusable and composted or transformed into a new resource. Our products’ high concentration of botanical active ingredients and their incredible effectiveness when applied in the right amount make them perfect for a wide variety of uses. We have reduced the quantity of the plastic we use in all Oway places in by 99%. We package our formulations in glass bottles and jars and aluminium tubes which are completely and infinitely reusable and recyclable. We avoid using unnecessary packaging and wrapping materials. All our tools, items and articles are made of wood, glass, aluminium, organic regenerated cotton, recycled paper and many other natural ecological materials.

At OWAY, we are pragmatic dreamers, tireless creatives, design fanatics, and indefatigable researchers into the innovation that can help us make our present and future more sustainable.

Why choose Oway?

Certified by nature

Double quality certification – ISO 9001 + ISO 22716: this double certification makes us standout in the Italian cosmetic industry and in the international market.

Indeed, this double certification offers a quality management system in line with the highest control standards. The architecture of the ISO 22716 certification integrates with the outline of ISO 9001, with the addition of further strict requirements that have an impact on product control and on the manufacturing process, attesting the total dedication to the communicated values.

We love animals e PETA

Organic Way is not, nor will it ever be, tested on animals. For European Union manufacturers, testing on animals has been banned since 2004 on the finished cosmetic and since 2009 for raw materials. The phrase WE LOVE ANIMALS communicates our ethically absolute choices in this direction: first of all the company’s decision not to export OW to China, where importers are obligated to perform testing on animals.

This year, marking the culmination of our work, we obtained PETA Cruelty Free recognition and certification in the U.S.A. PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) is the largest world organisation for the protection of animal rights. PETA has always been at the forefront in the fight against vivisection, experimentation and other brutal treatments of animals.

Pure water

Water is an essential raw material for many cosmetic products, but it is also the vehicle of microbes and bacteria, which could contaminate the formulas.

To preserve the purity of our products to the maximum, the water contained in them undergoes two natural purifying treatments: reverse osmosis and ozonisation.

Thanks to this double passage, we obtain microbiologically pure water without subjecting equipment and products to ionising radiation and without resorting to the use of chemical disinfectants.

Reverse osmosis and ozonization

Reverse osmosis is a completely natural process that technology has “borrowed” from nature. It is a safe and effective system, which separates the water from foreign substances through the use of special membranes, called semi-permeable or osmotic.

These membranes allow pure water filtration and retention of foreign substances both in suspension and dissolved. After reverse osmosis, we proceed to water ozonization. Ozone, a natural molecule composed of 3 atoms of oxygen, destroys any residual microorganisms by oxidation, breaking the cell membrane in a few seconds. As a result of these processes, the water is microbiologically purified.

Inside OW best practices

OWAY is not a simple brand, but a set of values, a healthyand eco-friendly lifestyle.

For this reason, a world of supporters, the OWAYANS, has developed around OWAY. They are sector professionals and people who adopt, interpret and share, both in their lives and on social media, the philosophy of agricosmetics.

A growing tribe on all continents, linked by the choice of healthy, effective and quality products and a responsible and sustainable lifestyle.

Sự tinh khiết đến từ thiên nhiên.

OWAY đã khéo léo kết hợp các loại tinh dầu, nước chưng cất thảo mộc và chiết xuất thảo dược nguyên chất để mang đến những liệu pháp tuyệt vời nhất dành cho tóc và da đầu. Những thành phần chính yếu trong sản phẩm đều được Oway trồng, thu hoạch và sản xuất trực tiếp tại trang trại của hãng tại Bologna, Italy. Với quá trình kiểm soát nghiêm ngặt đi đôi với việc nói không với hóa chất, Oway có thể cam kết 100% với khách hàng về chất lượng, độ tinh chất trong thành phần và hiệu quả đảm bảo của sản phẩm.